What is more important, color or design.

Tie dyeing is multi-step process, and two of the most important pieces of that process are color and design.  I am more into color but cool designs can really make the colors used stand out.  They can also make them cry out " why why why".  You can have the best design under the sun but if you put colors together that do not get along you will end up with what I like to call a " Trumpian Clusterfuq. I am a bit on the left politically.   And we all know where these shirts end up, either the thrift store or they become work shirts for tie dyeing.  But back to color and design, we all have "our colors" those colors that we just love and wear as many items of this color as we can.  well that is the whole objective behind tie dye.  It gives you the power to personalize your wardrobe in a manner that empowers you to -be who you are and dress to feel good.  In most cases the pattern is pretty much set, you will get whatever pattern you order, but the colors are all you. there is a huge pallet of colors in the world and it is in your power to choose the colors you want and in the order and position that you want them.  This is true freedom.  This is the foundation of our free will and individuality.  So lets all exercise our unalienable rights and wear our colors proudly, with a smile a kind word and a little fun where there was non before. Just sayin man, Peace out.