Where are all of the Grandpa blogs from the Artful Codger

I am a very proud grandfather and love all of my grand children. And one of the things I enjoy most, other than just hanging out with them is making them tie dye. I believe that there is nothing cuter than a little one in bright colors.   It also creates opportunities to bond and teach.  But as I was thinking, which at times can be an interesting proposition, what are other grand dads talking about.  I found nothing.  So here I go, as a proud grandpa, hippie and tie dye artist it is my humble opinion that Granddads need a voice.  I am very lucky that I am the only grandpa in the area so I can spoil and lavish them with attention.  Also because I have a large selection of clothes any time we have a clothing Emergency I can quickly go thru my stuff and find whatever is needed.   And at various times I have had the pleasure of having them come down to my shop in the basement and watching me work, and sometimes creating their own masterpieces.  As they grow I hope to cultivate in them a love of colors and hopefully an interest in continuing my work.  I hope some grand dads will drop me a line and talk about grand kids and how we can create opportunities for creativity and keeping those bonds as they grow. Gotta go, more tie dye to do and good energy to spread.